Being a new company, before we found FBO we were very much in the dark when it came to recruitment. We knew what type of staff we needed for our business, just not how to find them. Luckily, after contacting FBO we were able to find a fantastic range of staff which has helped give our fantastic restaurant the kick-start that it needed.
Anatolia Grill
St. Helens
Prior to finding FBO Solutions, our recruitment process was incredibly drawn out and costly, without us even realising it. After finding FBO, we were able to focus much more on the restaurant itself, rather than recruitment, which has greatly helped our small business tremendously. As a brand, we simply cannot recommend FBO Consultancy enough.
Elmas Resturant
As a new restuarant ready to open its doors to the general public, we can't thank FBO Consultancy enough for helping us be as prepared as we're ever going to be. Now, with FBO Consultancy's help going forward, we have the confidence needed to take on the hospitality industry. We cannot thank FBO enough and would recommened them to anyone.
Istanbul Grill